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NRI Services

When it comes to investing in the Indian real estate industry, Sree Aparna Properties has you covered with its full suite of NRI services.

Your Trusted Real Estate Partner

Sree Aparna Properties is here to help you through every step of the property investment process since we know this choice’s importance to you. Shree Aparna Properties is founded by Pawan Koppisetti and we are located In Hyderabad.


Our tagline, “Your Investment, Our Service,” shows our commitment to giving customers the individualized service they need for a positive investment experience.

We recognise the value of family and friend input when making a substantial financial commitment. We go the extra mile to welcome parents and loved ones with site visits. As a result, you may get the buy-in of your loved ones before making any major financial decisions.

Why Choose Us?

Sree Aparna Properties provides high-quality homes and services. Our professionals deliver unique solutions to fulfil our customers’ demands with over XX years of expertise. We cater to each client’s demands. We cherish our clients’ confidence and work to develop long-term partnerships.

Our Commitment to Quality

Sree Aparna Properties provides top-notch real estate services. We aim to simplify purchasing or selling a home for our customers. Our staff goes above and beyond to satisfy customers.

Services We Offer

What Is Our USP?

Our Mission

We assist customers in reaching their real estate objectives by providing excellent services. We provide trustworthy and honest services to develop long-term client relationships.

The Best You Deserve

Regarding real estate, Sree Aparna Properties is committed to offering its customers only the finest services and prospects for financial growth. Contact us now to discuss your investment needs and find out how we can assist you.

From initial site inspections to ongoing property management, we cover everything in the real estate sector.

Our rates are fair and easily understood. We are committed to giving our customers the most return on their money.

Since we have partnered with major financial institutions, we can help our customers explore financing possibilities.

Our legal staff is ready to help you with contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork.

Both our website and our phone number are available on our contact page. If you have any questions, our staff is here to help.



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